Apron, Eggs, Coaster and Bag - March 2023 Projects

March - Flower Market from Henry Glass

Blenders Used: Solids are from Free Spirit Fabrics (Gold for the bag and apron and Tamarind for the coaster) the eggs used Tula Pink Solids
Notions: Creative Grids Rulers, Oliso Pro Iron, Aurifil Thread, Bernina 880+, and the Super Side Kick ruler from JayBirdQuilts
Pattern: The bag, apron and Easter Eggs were improv pieced by yours truly! But I do plan on posting a tutorial on how I made the eggs soon! The coaster was sort of improv, but you can find several tutorials online on how to make the folded quilt star.
Current Status: All items (aside from my coaster!) were made for my daughter, so they are lovingly thrown around the house...somewhere haha
This whole collection (Flower Market from Henry Glass Fabrics - Designed by Jessica Mundo) was adorable. Who doesn't love a vintage motif featuring a menagerie of words, florals, flower trucks, and cute tiny bicycles. The prints were designed by Jessica Mundo (which I will link her bio HERE), and she nailed it! There were so many ideas that popped into my head when I first started brainstorming -
but ultimately I went for a few projects that we genuinely needed.
The apron was something that my daughter had been nudging me to make her for quite a while. We are big into making cookies together and also gardening. So I wanted to be sure that the apron itself was washable but also had a few pockets. She absolutely loves it and she wore it several times this year. 
The small bag project was another request from my daughter. She wanted something she could use to store a few doll accessories for when she goes back and forth from our house to her grandparents. Knowing that she will likely want to take her apron with her (as grandmothers are both big on cookie making and gardening) I wanted to be sure that they would be a matching set. And they were *chefs kiss*.


I cannot tell you how many plastic eggs we have.
I am notorious for always bringing far too many eggs to egg hunts, and then saving the ones for the following year..
only to end up with hundreds of eggs that I need to assemble again AND store...
So my new mission is to make a dozen eggs every year until I have enough to finally donate the old plastic eggs. 
These fabric eggs are a HUGE space saver, but also.. ya know... cute haha
And finally... my coaster.. Simply because I *needed* it. But also because I had some leftover tamarind solid from Januarys project and wanted to get it used up and out of the scrap bin hahaha
And let us not forget this amazing coaster... of which I had the best time making :)
I had a personal mission to use this tone of red with a beige. Why? No idea.. because I simply had to. I knew that this color combo would look amazing and I was CORRECT. I also really loved the idea of making a folded star.
And although this was my first attempt (nailed it)
I can see how making something like this in a larger volume (like a quilt) would take a huge amount of time and would likely need to be hand stitched to the absolute MAX to ensure that it would not fall apart. 
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