Pattern Testers Apply Here!

Interested in becoming a pattern tester for Geometry and Joy?

I am planning to have several opportunities for new or experienced pattern testers to test upcoming patterns for 2024. Apply below to be added to our pattern testing pool!

If you are selected to participate in testing a pattern, you will be notified via e-mail. At the time of selection, you will be given additional information about the pattern and the requirements for testing. If you are unable to participate during the time of selection (which is completely ok!), you will remain in the pattern testing pool for future opportunities!

Pattern Testers are expected to complete the quilted top during the testing phase.
------ This does not mean that the tester is expected to have the pattern pieced, quilted and binding complete. (That seems like a crazy hard expectation haha, but if you DO complete the quilt.. you are amazing and I envy you) 
------ The testing phase will vary based on the pattern, but a rough estimate is anywhere from 2-4 weeks.
------ The pieced top size will vary based on the pattern, but if the pattern has multiple sizes, testers are free to select the size they are most comfortable with for that pattern.

I strive to give opportunities to those who may be a first time tester. So please do not be discouraged if you are new to testing, have a low follower count (Or even if you are not active on social media!). My wish is to grow our community and build lasting connections, regardless of experience level, age, gender, or race. 🤍

Apply Here