Christmas Gifts for the Quilter

It is that time of year again! I will keep it quick and to the point (as I am sure we are all scrambling to find time to fit everything in this holiday season).
Below I will lay out ideas that range from FREE-ish to "I wish but not in this economy". 😂
Please keep in mind that these are my personal favorites and suggestions and by no means does it include everything that I love. I just wanted to list out some options for those who may be struggling to find some stocking stuffers or gift ideas for a friend or loved one. I am sure that there are items listed that wouldn't land on someone's list, but I am also assuming that there are items not listed that are essentials for others. I approached this as someone who has most of her arsenal stocked, and listed things that I could always use more of, or would love to have as a spare! 

  There are a few links listed for you below, but you can always check out your local quilt shop for more variety! Items listed in PINK are small business owned 😊


FREE-ish Quilter Gift Ideas

  •  An inspiration binder. What is this? A binder full of color combinations, quilt patterns that they may find inspiring (Or want for their future projects), cutting guides, and size references. You can find some options HERE on my Pinterest page to help you get started. 
  •  Gently used sheets or other fabrics that you no longer want/need. I often find myself wanting to try out a improv pieced blocks and don't want to waste my quilting fabric during this "trial and error" process - enter my scrap pile or old sheet pile. I can cut into those without the fear or guilt of screwing up. 
  •  A picture - Has this person gifted you a quilt? Taking a nice picture of yourself or your loved ones enjoying their hardwork with a note of thanks is always appreciated! It feels great to see a project (that we spent hours meticulously working on for someone) treasured. Pairing a picture with a thoughtful note of thanks can really do wonders.

Gifts under $10

  • Pin Cushions - Here is a fun fact - the little tiny "strawberry" looking attachment is actually a needle sharpener! (For anyone like me who found this out late in life 😂) You can also find additional options at your local Joanns.

  •     -   Penny Supplies - Small Business Etsy Shop filled with adorable options 

    • Curved Safety Pins - These are perfect for basting quilts and decreasing the likelihood of the backing fabric (or quilt top) from moving during machine quilting. Most crafting stores carry these in stock.
    • Seam Rippers - A staple for most sewing enthusiasts. Although they likely have one, if they are anything like me... I lose these often and can always use another. This Clover option can be found at Joanns.
      ----- For those with a more particular *aesthetic* this beautiful wooden seam ripper can be found on Amazon. (Along with many others found HERE)
    ***There are some really cute handmade seam ripper options below, but at a higher price point***
    • Quilt Binding Clips - No matter how many I have... I ALWAYS need more. These are a great option for those who don't want to use glue or pins.

    • Sewing Pins - Another sewing staple! Checkout these cute bird and garden pins that I found on etsy!

       ----But you can always find more options at your LQS (Local Quilt Shop) and larger stores like Joanns, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. 
      • Hand Sewing Needles - There are a lot of options out there. For many, the "best" options are from Tulip/Hiroshima. These can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and a few Small Business Quilt Shops that I have listed at the bottom. As always, it really depends on the quilter/sewer with what they prefer. 💗

        Sashiko Needles - Amazon
        Milliners Needles - Amazon

        Gifts under $20

        • Basting Spray - In lieu of safety pins to baste quilts, some prefer basting spray. (It's me.. I prefer this method haha) I can usually make a can of this glue last me roughly 3-4 quilts and it has really saved my sanity.

          • Fabric Glue Pen - Now I would be lying if I said I haven't used a standard glue stick from time to time... but the smaller tip of these Sewline Fabric Glue Pens are far easier for me to use when English Paper Piecing.

            • Personalized Seam Ripper - Circling back to seam rippers (see above), there are a lot of REALLY adorable handmade seam rippers on Etsy. I highly suggest checking out some of these smaller businesses when you can. I always opt for my handmade seam ripper over the ones you can get on Amazon or at a big box store. They tend to be larger, and easier to spot on the messy pile that is my workbench. 
            • Fabric Starch or Stabilizer - Personally I prefer using Terial Magic before I quilt. It gets my fabric to the *stiffness* that I prefer. Other quilters prefer standard starch (Like Best Press) - but most agree, some projects... it is necessary. 
              • I also recommend a mist sprayer to pair with starches or liquid fabric stabilizers

                • THREAD - Now a lot of quilters have their own preference. Some are happy with Coats and Clark, others prefer Gutermann (both of which can be found at your local Joanns or most small quilt shops). Me personally? AURIFIL - always and forever haha. Although.. I do hear really great things about Superior Threads and Mettler.When I purchase my thread, I always opt to shop from a small business over a big-box store, so I purchase from Hawthorne Supply Co. They ship QUICK and have a HUGE selection of both Aurifil and Mettler. **Note for machine piecing you typically stick to a 50wt or some like 40wt, 40wt for longarm, 12wt for hand quilting** If your heart is still set on Amazon - Click HERE for a link to a safe thread option. 

                Gifts under $50

                • Rulers - I will be honest - I have a large selection of rulers from a variety of brands. Any of them will work. HOWEVER--- I prefer Creative Grids. Why? Well to quote their website:
                  •  Fine Black and White Markings - Easy to read when they are placed on both light and dark fabrics. Whole inches are circled in white and 1/2" are in black.
                  •  1" grid markings with squares that make it extremely easy to understand
                  •  NON-SLIP EMBEDDED GRIP - This is my FAVORITE feature. The grip slides easily over the fabric while positioning the ruler, but STAYS in place as soon as pressure is applied. What does that mean for those of you who don't know anything about cutting fabric? It means that when you go to use your rotary cutting to slice through your fabric.. THE RULER DOES NOT MOVE. I cannot tell you how horrible it was for me in the beginning of my quilting journey to cut fabric. I ALWAYS kept screwing up at the cutting. The dang ruler would slide around and I hated it. (I did buy some stick on grips I found online, and they work-- but over time they lift up, and were kinda tricky to attach to my rulers)
                  •  QR Code! - This handy little feature will link you to a tutorial for that ruler and how to use it. That is super convenient, and a feature that showed they went the extra mile to take care of their customers. 
                  •  LEFT hand friendly! They offer a few rulers that are specific to those who are lefties and I cannot tell you how awesome that is. My husband is a lefty and he was really excited about this option.
                  ---There are more positives to these rulers, but I won't list them all out. Take a look at their website and see what they have to offer! You can find these for purchase on Shabby FabricsHomestead Quilting and Fabrics, and Missouri Star Quilt Co.
                  On the topic of Rulers..
                  • The Jaybird Quilts Super SideKick and Hex N More are two rulers that I grab constantly. These will get you through some of the toughest blocks and angles. 
                  • Scissors - If you have never before heard the joke about how you NEVER use fabric scissors on things OTHER than fabric... well -- I will just say that it can get you in some trouble haha.
                    • Fabric scissors are another awesome staple, and I personally do not think I could have too many. I love my fabric scissors and I have a huge amount of them in my studio.
                    • You can find a variety of options at your LQS, or online at Missouri Star Co., Homestead Quilting and Fabrics, and of course Amazon.

                  Gifts under $100

                  • Stripology Ruler- These rulers have slots that help with cutting perfectly square strips.. which if you have a project that requires a ton of strips.. this is a godsend! You can purchase a few options online at Shabby Fabrics or at your LQS!

                  Gifts over $100

                  For anyone wanting to spend mega bucks on quilting (You go Glenn Coco!) I would highly suggest having a conversation with your quilter and see what is on their wish list. 💗 If that is not an option -- I would suggest:
                  • A a quilt kit:
                    • My suggestions (in no particular order and please keep in mind the tastes and preferences of your quilter! - Also most kits will not include backing fabric)
                    • Heart Burst Quilt Kit - Includes over 16 yards of fabric to make the quilt top and binding along with pattern instructions and guides
                    • Star System Quilt Kit - Includes all fabrics for the quilt top and binding, along with the pattern. 
                  • A Gift Card - to their favorite store (If they do not have one, I would like to suggest finding a small online business and purchasing one from them <3) 
                  • A fancy Iron - I have a deep love and appreciation for my Oliso Pro Iron. This thing is MAGIC! It has an auto-lift function that helps prevent scorching your fabrics and lemme tell ya... game changer for me haha


                    ***Honorable Mention Gift Ideas***

                    • FABRIC - you can never go wrong with solids! But if you're wanting to spend some time selecting a few good options, I would suggest taking a look at Hawthorne Supply Co. They have a huge selection of fabric collections, and I would also suggest 1/2yd cuts to 1yd OR a fat quarter bundle.

                      As always, it isn't about the gift--it truly is about the thought 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍
                      **The gift recommendations provided in this blog post are solely based on my personal opinion and experience. While I strive to offer helpful suggestions, individual preferences may vary, I am not responsible for the outcomes of any purchases made on these recommendations, and users are encouraged to conduct their own research before making decisions. Any reliance on the information in this post is at your own risk, and I disclaim all liability for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of or reliance on the suggested gifts. 
                      ***This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase an item through my link, I may receive a small commission from that purchase. All items are a recommendation based on what I love using, and not based on affiliation. I will not promote any product or service that I don't support or use. I believe in honesty and integrity, therefore any posts containing affiliate links will be identified. Commissions made are used to help maintain the free content available on my website.  
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