DIY Burp Cloths - Link to FREE pattern

Follow along to learn how to make your own burp cloths made from cotton fabric and cloth diapers. Be sure to have your sewing machine and thread handy so you can create some amazingly soft and absorbent burp cloths (perfect for new babies and parents!).

 Burp Cloths

Working with so many options made this choice a rough one... but who WOULDN'T want these cute little guys for their own burp cloths! 


Fabric Requirements:

Note: (I adjusted my supplies to fit the type of fabrics that I wanted to work with, and used an alternate option for the filling/batting)

1 - fat quarter or 10" x 21" piece of your preferred print for the top

1 - fat quarter or 10" x 21" piece of your preferred print for the backing

1 - 10" x 21" piece of flannel or cloth diaper (I prefer to use a cloth diaper, these are VERY absorbent) 

Notions: Thread, heat erasable pen or fabric marker, pattern template, stiletto

The Process:

I followed along with this awesome tutorial (with the free template to make your cutouts!)

Burp Cloth Video Tutorial and FREE PATTERN download here

Once I printed out the template and taped it together to form the full pattern, I traced the pattern onto my fabric top, fabric bottom, and cloth diaper. I then cut them out to create the full breakdown for each burp cloth. If you are feeling like creating your own shape/width/or length...because who knows how big that baby will be--- create your own template that works for you!

Taking the fabric top with right side UP, I placed the cloth diaper, and then the fabric backing with the right side DOWN. (Pay close attention to the orientation of your fabric faces!) 

Using a 1/4" foot, I stitched around the edge of the burp cloth, leaving a 5" gap where I can turn the sandwich inside out.


SOMETHING OF NOTE: Leave the gap along the straight edge of your burp cloth. I made the mistake of making my opening along the curve, and when I needed to stitch that area closed... it was incredibly difficult to ensure that I had everything lined up correctly. Do not be me. Do not make that same mistake. *palms face*

Press the burp cloth open, and stitch around the edge to ensure you have closed the gap. I prefer to double stitch around my edges to ensure that they are strong for plenty (and I mean plenty) of washes and use.

Then you will mark along your backing with the quilted pattern that you prefer. I used an easy diagonal pattern that allowed for quick and easy assembly. (Note: For quilting I would typically use a 3.0 stitch length, but for these I used a 2.6)

The final touch... add your own custom label!

And there you have it! Quick and easy burp cloths. These make really cute and personal gifts for any new parent. (This is also my go-to for using any leftover fabrics from a baby quilt, allowing for the quilt and burp cloths to look like a matching set!)


XOXO - Autumn

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