DIY Travel Tissue Holder

Let us just get right to it shall we? I don't think that I need to give you a multi-paragraph intro about tissues and the important part they played in my childhood ;)


Materials Needed:

Fabric A – (Lining material, and also will act as a fold over binding around the opening of holder)

-----Cut to 7 ¾” X 6” rectangle

Fabric B – (Outer material of holder)

-----Cut to 6 ¾” X 6” rectangle

Fusible Interfacing

-----Cut to 6 ¾” X 6” rectangle




Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat

Sewing Machine



The Process:

Step 1 – Cut your materials to size (listed above).


Step 2 – With the wrong side of the fabric up, iron-on the fusible interfacing to Fabric B per manufacturer instructions.


Step 3 – Take the right sides of Fabric A and the Fabric B/Interfacing piece and pin these together. You will have to lightly move the excess inch of Fabric A towards the middle, but this is intentional. The excess will be necessary later.


Step 4 – Sew both of the 6” sides together using a ¼” seam allowance. Leave the longer sides unsewn for now.


Step 5 – Fold right sides out and press, you should have roughly ¼” of Fabric A on either side of Fabric B “peeking” out from each side. Make sure that the excess is equal on each side.


Step 6 – Lightly fold in half and finger press (I used a seam roller) to find your center line. Open back up and bring each of the finished sides together in the middle and pin.


Step 7 – Sew along the edges. I went in with a ¼” seam first to give it a nice clean edge once you get to step 8 - I also reinforce the center seam (seen below), then back through to sew over the rough edges (to reduce fraying with use).


Step 8 – Fold right side out and you’re done!



And there you have it, a quick (like less than 10 minute) craft idea as a quick diy gift. Happy crafting!


XOXO – Autumn


Links to the items I used above can be found here ↓

Seam Roller




Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat

Wool Pressing Mat


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