Verona and Flame Seeker - DIY Tote Bag

I love to use color when I want to create something fun and punky. Rainbow happens to be a weakness of mine ;) The Verona collection from Satin Moon Designs offered so many colorful options, with a small punch of neutrals.

With this month featuring Halloween, I wanted to create something that would be perfect for the spooky season. The Flame Seeker pattern from lillyellastitchery has been on my "you have to do this pattern!!!" list for a while now, but I wanted to find the perfect rainbow collection to showcase both the pattern, and the fabric. This was PERFECT.

From there, I knew that I wanted to put this panel on something that would be showcased but also useful. With that thought in mind, I figured a tote bag would be perfect.

I had a ton of fabric to work with, so I wanted to get as many of the colors to melt together, and thought that making some custom inner pockets and panels would be the best (although most challenging) way to do this.

The custom inner panels feature a TON of storage options for pencils, pens, paint, art supplies, cords/cables, etc.

When I started to work on this project, I realized that this would be perfect for a friend who adores colorful art with darker vibes. With this in mind, I began making this bag with the intention of it being used as an art supply tote. It is my hope that she will love the bag, and it will be a useful piece of art for HER art.


Happy Sewing, and Happy Halloween!

- Autumn 


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