Jaftex - Aussie Friends Unboxing

It has arrived! My first shipment for my Blank Quilting Brand Ambassador collab! My first collection is Aussie Friends from fabric designer Victoria Barnes.

A little bit about the designer...

Victoria is originally from Germany and she now resides in Richmond, VA. She studied Communication Arts and Design - with an emphasis on illustration, at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has an eclectic approach to her art, with an emphasis on unique textures and color palettes. You can read more about her HERE on the Blank Quilting website, and you can find additional artwork from her other (non-fabric) collections HERE.


As an added surprise, Aurifil has graciously donated a box of thread (with the perfect color combination) to support the Jaftex Brand Ambassador program and our quilted/sewing creations! If you haven't heard of Aurifil or haven't used their threads - Here is a quick fact list:

  1. Aurifil is 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown in the MAKO region of Egypt on the river Nile.
  2. The Aurifil production process is based in Milan, Italy. It's here where the thread undergoes 15 steps before it becomes a spool ready for use. 
  3. Perfect colour is key for any project, and Aurifil offers their threads in a wide variety of colours
    1. 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt, and floss - available in 270 colours
    2. Forty3 - available in 50 colours
    3. 80wt - available in 88 colours
    4. Wool - available in 192 colours
    5. Monofilament - available in two colours
  4. Their thread comes in several types including:
      • 100% Egyptian Cotton:
        • 12wt - thicker thread weight, ideal for big stitch and hand quilting
        • 28wt - thinner than 12wt, by machine allows your stitching to shine with bold results
        • 40wt - thinner than 28wt, provides greater stitch definition while still highlighting piecing
        • 50wt - thinner than 40wt, making it ideal for piecing - offers a beautiful subtle effect to allow piecing to shine
        • 80wt - thinner than 50wt, allows for superfine detail for quilting (this is extremely thin thread and Aurifil recommends taking your time and sewing slowly to prevent breakage)
        • Forty3 (40wt/3ply) - made specifically to handle the rigor of today's high-speed, high-tech Longarm machines
        • 6-strand floss - excellent for Cross-stitch, Huck Embroidery, Applique, and big stitch quilting
      • Wool Thread - blend of 50% acrylic and 50% wool, available in 12wt which can be used for Cross Stitch, Hand Embroidery, Machine Applique, and Machine Quilting
      • Nylon Monofilament - 100% Nylon - perfect as a top thread for many quilting techniques such as stitch-in-the-ditch, invisible machine applique, outlining, shaping, echoing, couching, and free motion quilting

About the Collection...

Straight from Down Under, this collection features kangaroos, cute koala bears, kookaburras, and wombats. Colored in rich colors of the Outback like greens, browns and rusts, the designs include animal blocks, eucalyptus leaves with flowers, and dots. These fabrics will be perfect for quilts, tote bags and many other projects. 

Digital version is shown above, and actual fabric shown below.

This Collection comes with 9 different designs with 1 panel featuring 10 different blocks measuring approx 7" x 7.75"

There are several project options that I am considering... stay tuned or subscribe to see what happens next!


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