My NYC Pillow Panel - FREE DIY hot pad tutorial

We've all been there.. Whether you are trying out new recipes or you are hosting thanksgiving, pot holders and hot pads come in CLUTCH. 

This year I was informed that I will be hosting our family Thanksgiving, and every year I always struggle to make sure I have enough hot pads or towels to put under all of the casseroles, pies, and side dishes. For some pans.. one is not enough. 

I also find myself addicted to purchasing really cool cotton panels... like this AWESOME one from Gotham Quilts featuring the My NYC graphics from the same collection I was lucky enough to try out.

I mean check out that PIZZA RAT! - obsessed!

These types of DIY projects also make really awesome (and very quick) handmade gift ideas. I have collected so many cute prints and panels over the last year, and now I know what I will be doing with them haha

I was sure to take plenty of process shots and explain how I completed these cuties below. I hope you enjoy!

Supply List

100% cotton fabric for the top- I used the My NYC pillow panel

100% cotton fabric for the backing

100% cotton for the binding

Insul-Bright Batting - This is an insulating thermal lining (Be sure to check out my additional info below on what this is and how to use it)

Warm & natural cotton batting

Coordinating thread


Sewing Machine

Pins or fabric clips


Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat


The Process:

1. Cut out the top of your hot pad. This panel features a variety of shapes and sizes, but if you prefer the traditional square, rectangle, circle, or oval shapes that is cool too. As always.. handmade projects are meant to be unique, so be sure that you do what YOU like.

2. Layer your top onto the remaining three layers (backing, Insul-Bright, and cotton batting) and cut around the top fabric leaving some space for movement while you quilt in the next step.

3. Layer the 4 pieces in the following order: Bottom is the backing, then the cotton batting, Insul-Bright, and the top fabric will be placed face-up on top of your sandwich. Pin the layers (or use clips) together. Quilt as desired. I went with straight lines at a 45deg angle and love how they turned out.

4. Using a 1/8" seam allowance, sew around the outer rim to ensure everything is sandwiched tightly - this step helps because we will be attaching binding and that can be tricky when your layers are not aligned and together.

5. Trim off the excess.

6. Make your binding. I used this GORGEOUS yellow from Tula Pink in the color Marigold. I cut 2" strips and then using my iron I pressed them in half lengthwise.

7. Aligning the raw edge of your binding to the back of the hot pad, I stitched along the edge using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

8. Fold over and attach the binding to the front.

And there you have it! These are seriously adorable and make for the perfect size hot pad for a 9"x13" casserole pan or pie dishes. I cannot wait to use these!


Special thank you to Gotham Quilts for this awesome panel!! And NOW for the fun part!

Geometry and Joy will be sponsoring a giveaway! Be sure to like and follow Gotham Quilts for giveaway details! - 4 spools of Aurifil Thread that perfectly match this awesome pillow panel could be yours!


Insul-Bright Information!

Be sure to read their instructions before use. This material is not intended for microwave use!

Why?- They use a metallized polyester film needled with polyester fibers. Microwave + Metal = Destructive haha so PLEASE remember to!

This material reflects hot and cold energy back to its source, and is a great tool to use for DIY projects that will be used to keep items both hot and cold (hot pads, oven mits, lunch boxes, etc)

Why the additional cotton batting? - The batting will help with condensation. It will serve as a way to help absorb any hot vapor created during use. 

Can I wash this in a standard washer and dryer? - Yep! Once quilted, you can machine wash and dry as normal.

Is there a right and wrong side when using Insul-bright? - Nope!

What other projects could I make with Insul-bright? - Ironing board covers, oven mitts, water bottle and drink cozies, placemats, lunch bags, WINE and GROWLER cozies (hello handmade gift idea haha), outdoor stadium cushions, and honestly a ton of additional projects. I say go for it!




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I Love the images as hotpads but I can hear my mother complaining from here, “you put a rat on the dining room table, I don’t care if it was a hotpad…” along with other things yet she is one who loves to take the train to NYC to SHOP (no screams just major Shopping) several times a year. I say keep up the good work. I enjoy anyone with dry humor. :)


Thank you so much for sponsoring this giveaway. Thread is a necessary item for quilting that a lot of people don’t even think about. And thanks too for the free patterns!

Shari Tuttle

Super cute hot pads! Thanks for the insul-brite details. Outdoor stadium cushions? Genius!!

Diana Kastelic

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