New Jaftex Line - Deja Boo!

What a month March (and honestly April) turned out to be... Most were not aware, but I was down for a few weeks recovering from abdominal surgery. Turns out, having twins can do a number on your body haha. But all is well and I am starting to feel so much better. 

About a day or so before I went in, my newest Jaftex Fabrics shipment arrived from Blank Quilting. Say hello to Deja Boo!

 deja boo prints - 2

This fabric line is more "scary" than what we would typically see coming from Blank, but I gotta say... It was a pleasant surprise. I love love to work with darker fabrics... *Tim Burton ANYTHING is totally my vibe*

 deja boo 3 deja boo 4

These fabrics showcase rich earth tones like grey, dusty orange and black, and darker creams. There are 11 prints showcasing bats, spiders, black roses, crows, eyes, owls, suns and moons, with a 24" skull panel to complete the full collection. 

 deja boo 5 deja boo 6

dejaboo 7

About the designer...

Satin Moon Designs

Satin Moon Designs Logo

Located in New York City where inspiration is boundless, Satin Moon Designs is a consortium of talented artists that create unique collections for today's crafters. A combination of current trends, colors and concepts makes for a diverse and eclectic anthology of design groups. Their visions come from all sorts of channels making their art exclusive and innovative.

---Blank Quilting Corporation


As an added bonus, this collection also includes Two Free Projects!

Free Quilt Pattern 1      Deja Boo Free Quilt Pattern #2

Deja Boo Quilt # 1                                Deja Boo Quilt # 2


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