Verona - Jaftex October 2022

The new collection from Blank Quilting Corp has arrived!

Meet Verona...

Verona Collection

This new abstract leaf texture inspired by nature comes in 18 saturated colors. The rich jewel tones in this versatile fabric collection are a fine compliment to lots of projects and quilts. ---Blank Quilting Corporation

This collection is absolutely STUNNING. Pictures do not do these colors justice. When I opened my mystery package (as every month I receive a new collection and generally have zero idea what I will get), I was literally jumping up and down! Those who know me.. know that my favorite color is clearly RAINBOW. 

Rainbow Verona Fabric

These fabrics are designed by Satin Moon Designs - which is a collective of talented artists who put together some pretty cool fabric collections. (See here for a past collection that is Halloween inspired)

Since this month is October (Hello Halloween!), I want to use these colors - and my passion for the eclectic - to create something a bit "darker" yet full of color at the same time.
I have been kicking around all kinds of ideas and I think I have the perfect project in mind.. stay tuned!
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